Disabled Person’s Railcard – have your say

I’ve received this from Equal Lives. If you are a member of Equal Lives (or would like to become one) and want to express your views, get in touch with them: 

Dear Members,

We have recently been contacted by a member regarding the lack of decisions being made about the disabled persons railcard and whether they will be refunded or extended because of lack of use due to the pandemic and lockdown. This can cause frustration to those that have paid for the card and haven’t been able to use it because of lockdown procedures and through having to self isolate. The member has contacted the Rail Delivery Group to air his concerns. The RDG is in talks with other train companies and the Department of Transport to find a suitable solution for this situation.

We are trying to gauge opinion here.
Do you have a disabled persons railcard? Would you prefer to have a refund (such as those offered to season ticket holders)? Or have the card expiry date extended to cover the time in lockdown?
We are looking to accrue evidence so that we can compile a coproduced letter with you our members to the RDG, train companies and the Department of Transport to get them to make a decision regarding the travel cards that is beneficial to card holders.
If you are experiencing this or would like to voice your concerns we would like to hear from you, so we can amass the evidence required to compile a response. If you have any questions or queries relating to this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
You can email us at membership@equallives.org.uk

Stay safe and kind regards,

The Development Team

Equal Lives
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