Sidestrand to lose its polling station?

North Norfolk District Council wants to stop using the Reading Room at Sidestrand as a place for people to vote at elections. Instead residents would vote at the Village Hall in Trimingham.
I have written to Sidestrand residents encouraging them to respond to the consultation with their views and you can do the same
• By email:
• In writing: Electoral Services North Norfolk District Council, Holt Road, Cromer NR27 9EN
This is what the District Council says:
There are currently 66 eligible electors who can vote inside the Polling Station. There have been no issues identified by the Presiding Officers or the Polling Station Inspectors about the building itself although it has been noted that the parking for the polling station is in a field across the Cromer Road and that there is no footpath along the area from the Reading Room. The cost of the village hall to hire is £160 and is staffed by one Presiding Officer and one Poll Clerk which in total costs £500 including training fees and expenses and over the three elections held last year the per voter cost at Polling Station was £28.70, £33.00 and £12.69 respectively. We would propose closing this polling station and for the electors within the Sidestrand Polling District to use the Polling Station situated at the new Trimingham Village Hall. This is approximately 1.1 miles and 2 minutes by car from the main residential area of Sidestrand and only 0.8 miles from the current polling station at the Reading Room, Sidestrand. Trimingham Village Hall is a new building and has great parking facilities and has great access for all voters. The route along Cromer Road from Sidestrand to Trimingham is also served by the regular Coasthopper bus service.
But do you agree? The deadline for you to contact NNDC is Monday 2nd November.