Temporary road closures around the area

I’ve received a whole bunch of notices of temporary road closures in the last couple of days, affecting Gimingham, Trunch, Northrepps and Trimingham. Here are the details:

Gimingham: Gimingham NTRO3902 Emergency Notice

Trunch (Wright’s Loke): Trunch NTRO3821 HM

Northrepps: Northrepps NTRO3901 Emergency Notice

Trunch (Mundesley Road): Trunch NTRO3782 PT

Trimingham: Trimingham NTRO3822 HM (1)

I also got very excited to receive a notice of closure of Footpath 6 in Trunch for footbridge repairs because I thought that meant they are about to start work, but the Notice is valid for six months so I guess we shouldn’t get our hopes up that it will be done in the next couple of weeks.