Footpath plan blocked (but the battle for investment goes on)

Over the last year we have all been encouraged to stay home and save lives.

Unable to go out to enjoy our usual social activities due to the pandemic we all found other ways to fill our days and many people have enjoyed exploring our local footpaths and by-ways.

In North Norfolk we are spoilt for choice living in such a beautiful area but many of our trails and rights of way are in need of investment.

Last year I highlighted the need for County Council to spend money on making footpaths accessible to all who wish to use them, such as Paston Way where two of the old railway bridges need to be rebuilt to allow cycles and pushchairs. (I’m pictured at one of them).

Earlier this week I put forward an amendment to the County Council budget that would have funded a study for that work to be done. Sadly it was rejected by the majority of councillors. But I will press on with looking for ways to get our rights of way upgraded. North Norfolk needs to get its fair share of funding to ensure that these paths are kept clear, improved, and accessible to all.

If you have a footpath near you that needs attention, you can report it here.