Road safety on the A149, Northrepps/Thorpe Market

I’m grateful to Tim Adams for his work chasing a response from the Norfolk County Council Casualty Reduction Team on this issue. Following the recent fatal accident on the road we have received the following update from the team:
We are aware of this location and the accident rate is elevated when compared to other rural A class roads in Norfolk. We identified this in 2018 which led to the new 50mph speed limit and improved road markings and road studs. We visited the site after the recent tragic fatality and identified some signing issues which we want to improve further. The 50mph repeater signs are to be made larger, advance warning signs are to be better sited to improve their visibility and the more severe bands are to have chevron boards/ hazard marker posts added to improve driver guidance. I anticipate that this work will take place over the summer. We will of course continue to monitor the accident record here and take further action as required.
Kind regards
Kevin Allen, Project Engineer (Network Safety)