The Crisis in Afghanistan

I have written to the leader of the County Council (and the Head of Paid Service) to demand that the County Council plays its part in ensuring that everything possible is done to help people from Afghanistan:

Dear Andrew and Tom

It is important to have a clear statement from Norfolk County Council setting out how it plans to assist those people exposed to personal danger and catastrophic loss of human rights and opportunity stemming from the collapse of the Afghan government. I appreciate it is a fast moving situation but every part of the British state has a responsibility to act urgently to mitigate the crisis.

Could you tell us what steps have been taken to ensure that the People From Abroad Team can cope with extra demands on its resources; what discussions you have had at a national level to ensure that the government acts to protect those most in need of support; and what steps you will take to ensure that Norfolk takes a fair and appropriate number of refugees and provides safe and appropriate support for them in the county.

Thank you.

Ed Maxfield
County Councillor for Mundesley Division

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Original caption from article in The Times: Displaced Afghans reach out for aid from a local Muslim organisation in Kabul