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I was recently asked to contribute to the Know Your Shift podcast with Gareth Duffin. It was fun to do and hopefully informative. Here are the details:

‘What I would RADICALLY change about the ‘BROKEN’ SEND system in NORFOLK, why I left the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS after many ELECTION WINS, and how I DISCOVERED who I really am in POST-COMMUNIST EUROPE.’

Politics and fixing the Special Education system, two of my great passions, so my guest this week is perfect to dive into both of those areas.

Ed Maxfield is a Norfolk County Councillor, representing villages along the beautiful North Norfolk coast.

He left the Liberal Democrats in 2020 because he wasn’t happy with the direction they were taking and was re-elected as an Independent at the elections in 2021.

Throughout that time, he has focused on issues relating to services for children and for those with disabilities and additional needs having recently held the post of Head of Children and Family Services at NANSA, regular listeners will know this is also a big focus of mine.

We had a wide ranging conversation, discussing Ed’s time running Sir Norman Lamb’s election campaigns, and then also as part of the National Campaign team for the Liberal Democrats.

We also delved into the issues in the SEND system, particularly within Norfolk, and Ed shares his ideas on how the system could be radically improved.

As always, we asked Ed to recommend future guests of KNOW YOUR SHIFT, Ed recommended his daughter Hannah who is about to embark on a major change.

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