Blue Badges for care organisations

A member of staff at Munhaven care home recently contacted me about the difficulty of taking residents to hospital appointments or out to other things without the resident having a Blue Badge. I asked Norfolk County Council about this and they told me how care organisations can apply for Blue Badges. Here’s their reply:

Dear Cllr Maxfield

Organisations can apply for Blue Badges in the company name rather than for an individual, as long as they are involved with the care of the service users, we can’t give them to companies that solely offer transport, such as community transport schemes etc. All the same rules and regulations apply with their use.

The best thing to do is ask them to complete the Blue Badge Organisation Form and return it to us. We assess and liaise with them directly if we need anything else. They can apply online at GOV.UK, but in nearly all cases we have to send this form anyway, as such minimal information is asked for on the site.

Kind regards