The elections are coming…

Elections for Norfolk County Council will be held in May and I will be standing for re-election as County Councillor for Mundesley division. Here’s why I will be asking people to support me as an Independent candidate:

Who I am?

I was  elected as County Councillor for Mundesley division (Mundesley, Antingham, Bacton, Gimingham, Knapton, Northrepps, Overstrand, Paston, Sidestrand, Swafield, Trimingham, Trunch) in 2017. I live in North Walsham and work for a charity that is based in Norwich. I have three children, two grown up and one at high school in Norfolk. I first came to Norfolk when I was 18 and have lived here for most of my adult life.

I was elected as a Liberal Democrat but last year I left the party as I no longer felt their priorities matched my views. Lots of people tell me that party politics has no place in local councils, and I agree!

What’s the job?

This election isn’t about Boris or Brexit. It is about who will do the best job for local people at County Hall. It is a serious job that needs someone with the knowledge, experience and resilience to stand up for our area.

When I was elected four years ago the Council was faced with having to cut its annual spending by £200 million – thanks to cuts in government funding. There’s no point political parties claiming they have easy answers. I have spoken out against money being wasted on County Hall car parks and meeting rooms. I have always voted to protect essential services. But as an Independent I can work with people of all political colours to get the best deal for local people.

What have I done?

A big part of a councillor’s job is listening to you and supporting people to get the help they need. I have attended around 200 Parish Council meetings in the last four years. I regularly deliver leaflets and knock on doors locally to keep in touch. I have taken up scores of individual issues from potholes to care needs.

I recently proposed a County Council Hedge Fund to put back hedges around local fields to cut snow drifting and to provide new habitats for wildlife. I pressed the County Council to give care workers a fair deal on pay. I am constantly battling for North Norfolk to get its fair share of investment when it comes to roads, road safety, education and jobs. I proposed a £1 million increase in funding for the Early Childhood and Family Service after the council closed Children’s Centres, including Mundesley. I have also raised concerns about safeguarding with the county’s Chief Constable.

What will I do?

I’ve been humbled by how many people have already said they will support me in the election. It is clear that I can win.

If I am re-elected I will continue to speak out against wasteful spending at County Hall. And for North Norfolk getting its fair share of investment, especially on road safety. I will back policies that help older people to live independently at home with the support they need. I want children and young people growing up in North Norfolk to get the best possible education, including being able to access college places and apprenticeships. I will work with District Councillors to help protect our coastline and our precious local environment.

Most of all, I will listen and I will work hard to get things done.

What happens now?

Election day is Thursday 6th May. Many people will prefer to vote by post because of the pandemic. You can get a postal vote application form by contacting NNDC.

Candidates are allowed to deliver leaflets and knock on doors to speak to voters. I will be calling on as many people as I can in the coming weeks but if you want to speak to me about the campaign – or any other issue – please just get in touch.

If you are worried about people calling at your home, you can download this poster, print it and pop it in your window.

Thank you for your support over the last four years.