Supporting North Norfolk’s economy

I have been impressed by the resilience of many businesses in Mundesley division over the last year but if we don’t support them, by the end of the summer season many small local businesses will be gasping for air.

Last week I backed a plan put to Norfolk County Council that would have supported a vital part of the North Norfolk economy as we come out of Lockdown. The motion to the full council meeting was proposed by my Independent councillor colleagues and it read:

This Council recognises that a successful 2021 Summer Holiday Season will be critical if
Norfolk is to avoid large-scale business closures and redundancies. The Cabinet – using
earmarked balances – is urged to take a lead in bringing together the County’s Tourist
Boards, City and District Councils and Norfolk Attractions and Hospitality Businesses to
promote Norfolk’s holiday offer in a high profile co-ordinated campaign running through
from May to September – including the County’s outstanding Museums and drawing on
the positive engagement of the Norfolk Media to enhance this mission to attract major
spending in Norfolk this Summer.

The plan would have given the maximum of support to local businesses while giving them the maximum of freedom to decide how to respond. Sadly it was voted down by the ruling administration at County Hall.

You can watch the debate here. It begins 1 hour, 24 minutes and 30 seconds into the video.