The best way for us to get progress on road safety in Norfolk is for the County Council to change its policy.
At the recent council meeting, my colleague Sandra Squire asked a question of the council leader on my behalf because he hadn’t found time to reply to my letter:
Last month I wrote to Councillor Proctor asking him to initiate a review of the council’s policy on speed limits and road safety measures in the county. It is a busy time for all of us and I am sure he is intending to reply to me soon but I thought I would give him this opportunity to state his views. It’s clear that the current policy – put in place in 2014 by the previous administration – is too restrictive and doesn’t take account of changing patterns of road use especially the growth of visitor numbers in North Norfolk. Will he commit to reviewing the policy and giving councillors the chance to vote on a new policy at the earliest possible opportunity.
The council leader indicated that he would be open to a review after the election. I see a number of Conservative candidates are campaigning on improving road safety in the elections so hopefully action will be taken soon.