Potholes: fixing the problems before they arise?

Yesterday I was sent a press release by Norfolk County Council that talked about £29 million of work being done to prevent pot holes.

It includes the surface dressing that has been done in recent weeks in some of the villages in Mundesley division.

It got me thinking. What other work could be done now to reduce the number of potholes in the future?

I’m no highways engineer but it seems to me there are three things in particular that contribute to road surfaces breaking up: extreme weather; excess water (flooding on the road or water running under it); heavy traffic.

Are there things we should be doing differently with snow clearing? Are there places where regular road flooding is breaking up the road? Are there places where work is needed to protect the edges of roads from heavy traffic? Are there other things that need to be done that I’ve not thought of that could reduce problems with potholes in the future?

Please get in touch and let me have your views.