North Norfolk Local Plan

North Norfolk District Council is finalising its new Local Plan. The plan sets out what house building will be permitted across the area in the coming years. As a County Councillor I have been sent the following. You can have your say on the plan by commenting directly or contacting me with your views.

Dear County Councillor

The County Council has been consulted on the North Norfolk Local Plan.

The Local Plan provides details on the scale and distribution of growth and detailed strategic planning policies, including preferred development sites, to help deliver and direct the growth needs of the District between the period 2016 to 2036.

The proposed submission documents, and all supporting documents, are available via

The changes to the number of dwellings allocated are set out below (any sites with no changes are not included in this summary).

Housing allocations


Reg 18

Reg 19 – Change

Land East of Astley Primary School, Briston (BRI01)

40 dwellings

25 dwellings

Former Golf Practice Ground, Overstrand Road, Cromer (C16)

180 dwellings

150 dwellings and 60 units of elderly care

Land West of Pine Tree Farm, Cromer (C22/2)

300 dwellings was ref C22/1

400 dwellings and 100 units of elderly care (increased size of site)

Land at Runton Road / Clifton Park, Cromer (C10/1)

90 dwellings

The site was removed from the plan by Members at Planning Policy and Built Heritage working party in September 2021

Land North of Rudham Stile Lane, Fakenham (F01/B)

560 dwellings

560 dwellings + 100 units

of elderly care accommodation

Land Adjacent Petrol Filling Station, Fakenham (F02)

0 dwellings

NEW ALLOCATION 70 dwellings

Land South of Beresford Road (H04)

70 – 100 dwellings

Removed from plan as planning permission has been granted for the site

Land at Heath Farm, Holt (H20)

200 dwellings

180 dwellings +

60 units of elderly


Land East of Tunstead Road, Hoveton (HV01/B)

150 dwellings

120 dwellings + 60 units of elderly care

Land at Norwich Road & Nursery Drive, North Walsham (NW01/B)

350 dwellings

350 dwellings + 100 units of elderly care

North Walsham Western Extension (NW62/A)

1,800 dwellings was ref NW62 (renamed)

1,800 dwellings + 460 units of elderly care

Land off Cromer Road & Church Lane, Mundesley (MUN03/B)

50 dwellings

30 dwellings (reduced size of site)

Former Allotments, Weybourne Road, Adjacent to Reef Leisure centre (SH07)

45 dwellings

40 dwellings

Land South of Butts Lane, Sheringham (SH18/1B)

50 dwellings

48 dwellings

Land Adjacent Holkham Road, Wells (W07/1

60 dwellings

50 dwellings

Small growth villages

An indicative target rather than allocations

Employment Land


Reg 18

Reg 19 – Change


Land off Cornish Way, North Walsham (E10)

5.11 ha


This site is not taken forward as an allocation following a boundary review the designated employment site boundary has been amended to include the site which was previously allocated in the Core Strategy.

Land East of Bradfield Road, North Walsham (NW52)